2019 VRC Round 2 - Ada River Rally - Frankston Subaru Parts Feature

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With Frankston Subaru coming on board for the 2019 CAMS Hino Geelong Victorian Rally Championship just in time for Round 2, the Ada River Rally, we wrap up the battle between the crews of Brad Till / Mitch Garrad and Ian Martin / Scott Middleton. The unfortunate retirement of Regester / Humm with gearbox problems left these two crews to fight it out for Frankston Subaru's prizemoney.

Till / Garrad took home the total $1,000 on offer for the highest placed Subaru in each Heat, and the overall event in their WRX GC8.

With Martin showing improved pace through the wet day and Grunt Performance no doubt already looking at the Regester WRX in preparation for Round 3, we can look forward to the forests around Marysville echoing the familiar sounds of boxer engines and anti-lag crackle.

What other Subarus will the Subaru prize-money bring out into the forest? Stay tuned, in a future video we chat to someone who has won trophies at VRC level in both driver's and co-driver's seats, has a collection of ARC trophies, a penchant for tinkering on Triumph's in the rain and a blue WRX just itching to hit boost again.

2019 CAMS Hino Geelong Victorian Rally Championship Round 2 - Ada River Rally - BLENDLINE TV

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