6000+ Matches Zhask Magic Damage Build - Top 1 Global ZHASK Mobile Legends

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Zhask Insane Magic Damage Build - Top 1 Global ZHASK Mobile Legends

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How to Use Zhask andBuild the Item in Mobile Legends - Mobile Legends Tips
Since its appearance in the game, Zhask can be considered a powerful hero mage in Mobile Legends today, even if the player who plays it Pro then he can become very IMBA. Once released in advance server, many players who do not think twice to buy it for 32,000 Battle Points even buy it with Diamond 599 without knowing the ability of this hero. Though this hero is not too strong as what we delivered before, the ability is located from the combination with other heroes and the right items new he can be strong. Curious what are the advantages and disadvantages of Zhask? Directly refer to the following reviews.
Zhask is a Mage type hero with a pusher specialist, quite unique from other heroes. Usually other heroes have three active skills and one passive skill, while Zhask has 4 active skills and 1 passive skill, thus he has a total of 5 skills so he is even known as "the dominator". Behind the appearance of his mixed ability from other heroes, apparently Zhask has a great power.

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