Age of Wonders 3 | Halfling Arch Druid #7

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Indrid faces a large and scary world with some plucky Halflings in Age of Wonders 3.

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AI: Emperor
Size: Extra Large
Players: 8
Map: Land
Balanced Geography
City Founding: Off
Hero Resurgence: Auto Combat only
Max Heroes: 5
Max Hero level: 20
Seals: 100

Specializations: Creation Adept, Creation Master, Partisan

Golden Realms Expansion: Activated
Eternal Lords Expansion: Activated

Steam Mod Collection:

Triumphant Heroes
Triumphant Heroes
V-Mods: More Heroes
Extra Support Units
Racial Class Unit Reskin
Luckless Halflings
Ceremonial Elf Guard Spear Mod
Obsidian Dragons in Dwellings
Mystical Dwelling Upgrades
Remove Notch
Ultimate Spells Removed

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