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This video will show you a fast and easy way to obtain all Gear and Weapon Challenge Trophies in Anthem.

Gear Challenge Rewards (Banners) are shown at the end - 10:47

The fastest way to obtain the Gear Challenges and Weapon Challenges related trophies is as followed:

Equip 2 (or 3) required Gear items and 2 required Weapons and go into Freeplay mode.
Complete 4 World Events in Freeplay to complete the Gear Challenges for the Gear items you have currently equipped.
The Gear Challenges will take up most time but the good thing is that you can complete them together with the Weapon Challenges.

Keep in mind that the Autocannon and Grenade Launcher Challenges can only be completed with the Colossus Javelin.
Also keep in mind that the Autocannons and Grenade Launchers will only drop when playing with the Colossus Javelin.

During these 4 World Events you will also kill a lot of enemies so you can get 50 kills with both Weapons during these Freeplay session.
This way you can complete 2 (or 3) Gear Challenges and 2 Weapon Challenges in less than 20 minutes!
Completing World Events will reward new Gear for your current Javelin and also new Weapons.
So, if you picked a new Javelin and don't have all the required Gear yet to complete all Challenges, don't worry you'll get them along the way.
If the required Gear items and Weapons don't drop during Freeplay try farming the Stronghold: Heart of Rage on Normal difficulty.
I also recommend setting the difficulty of Freeplay to Easy to speed things up.
Start your Freeplay session at East Gate and fly north to Emerald Abyss then Monument Watch and down to Academy Ruins. Along this path you should easily find 4 World Events

In total there are 48 Gear Challenges. 12 Gear Challenges for each Javelin. All require you to complete 4 missions.
You will need 5 Freeplay sessions for each Javelin type (if you haven't done any main or side missions with this Javelin's gear).

In total there are 27 Weapon Challenges. 3 Weapon Challenges for each Weapon Type. All require you to kill 50 enemies.
You are also allowed to use named Masterwork / Legendary Weapons.

Example of equipping different required Gear items at 2:10


Colossus Gear Challenges (Munitions Maestro) - 4:03

Ordnance Launcher:
- Burst Mortar
- Firewall Mortar
- High-Explosive Mortar
- Lightning Coil
- Shock Coil

Heavy Assault Launcher:
- Flak Cannon
- Flamethrower
- Railgun
- Siege Artillery
- Venom Spitter

Support Gear:
- Battle Cry
- Shield Pulse

Ranger Gear Challenges (Arms Merchant) - 5:02

- Frag Grenade
- Frost Grenade
- Inferno Grenade
- Seeker Grenades
- Sticky Grenade

Assault Launcher:
- Blast Missile
- Pulse Blast
- Seeking Missile
- Spark Beam
- Venom Darts

Support Gear:
- Bulwark Point
- Muster Point

Interceptor Gear Challenges (Gadgets Galore) - 6:00

Assault System:
- Cluster Mine
- Cryo Glaive
- Searching Glaive
- Spark Dash
- Venom Bomb

Strike System:
- Detonating Strike
- Plasma Star
- Tempest Strike
- Venom Spray
- Wraith Strike

Support System:
- Rally Cry
- Target Beacon

Storm Gear Challenges (Seal Savant) - 6:59

Blast Seals:
- Flame Burst
- Ice Blast
- Ice Storm
- Lightning Strike
- Living Flame

Focus Seals:
- Arc Burst
- Burning Orb
- Frost Shards
- Glacial Spear
- Shock Burst

Support Seals:
- Quickening Field
- Wind Wall


Heavy Pistol Challenges (can't be used by Colossus Javelin) - 8:06
Blastback I
Barrage I
Resolution I

Shotgun Challenges - 8:32
Constrictor I
Scattershot I
Vengeance I

Assault Rifles Challenges - 8:48
Defender I
Hammerhead I
Warden I

Marksman Rifle Challenges - 9:06
Anvil I
Guardian I
Scout I

Machine Pistol Challenges - 9:23
Fulcrum I
Hailstorm I
Trajector I

Light Machine Gun Challenges - 9:39
Havoc I
Relentless I
Sledgehammer I

Sniper Rifle Challenges - 9:57
Deadeye I
Devastator I
Whirlwind I

Autocannon Challenges (Colossus Javelin only!) - 10:13
Cloudburst I
Mauler I
Torrent I

Grenade Launcher Challenges (Colossus Javelin only!) - 10:29
Aftershock I
Bombardier I
Lurker I

After completing all these challenges you will obtain the following trophies:

Assault Artisan: Complete 3 Assault Rifle I Challenges
Light Machine Gun Lover: Complete 3 Light Machine Gun I Challenges
Born in Battle: Complete 3 Marksman Rifle I Challenges
Straight Shooter: Complete 3 Machine Pistol I Challenges
Pistol Whipped: Complete 3 Heavy Pistol I Challenges
I Call Shotgun: Complete 3 Shotgun I Challenges
Sniper Ace: Complete 3 Sniper Rifle I Challenges
Cannon Connoisseur: Complete 3 Autocannon I Challenges
Grenade Guru: Complete 3 Grenade Launcher I Challenges

Arms Merchant: Complete 12 Ranger Gear I Challenges
Munitions Maestro: Complete 12 Colossus Gear I Challenges
Seal Savant: Complete 12 Storm Gear I Challenges
Gadgets Galore: Complete 12 Interceptor Gear I Challenges

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