Asus ROG Phone 3 UNBOXING and DETAILED REVIEW - The Gaming Smartphone for EVERYONE!

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Design, Display, 144Hz vs 120Hz vs 90Hz vs 60Hz Test (Slow-mo), SIX Game 144FPS Test with FPS Counter, Speaker Test, AnTuTu Benchmark & Geekbench 5 Run, Camera Photo & Video Test (8K & Mic Test), and Comparisons against the competition - This is my Unboxing and Review of the Asus ROG Phone 3!

00:00 - Unboxing & China vs Global Price
00:49 - Design & Build incl. Triggers & RGB Effects (Compared to Competitors)
04:04 - Display (144Hz vs 120Hz vs 90Hz vs 60Hz & vs Competition Refresh Rates)
05:56 - Fingerprint & Face Unlock vs other Gaming Phones
06:34 - Software & Features in Detail
08:07 - Gaming Software & Features in Detail
08:42 - Gaming 144FPS, Speaker Test, Air Triggers & Macro Bindings (COD Mobile / PUBG Mobile / Game for Peace / Bullet Force / Dead Trigger 2 / Real Racing 3)
12:29 - AnTuTu Benchmark Run (Compared to 10 other phones)
13:28 - Geekbench Benchmark Run (Compared to 10 other phones)
14:06 - Camera Specs & Picture and Video Samples Including MIC Test
17:08 - Final Verdict

Stay tuned for more videos on the ROG Phone 3 in the weeks to come!

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