BATTLE OF THE BLACKWATER Part 1 IBOOKI Stannis Baratheon's Attack on King's Landing Cinematic

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King Stannis Baratheon's attack on Kings Landing!

As many of you suggested, here is the first part of the Battle of Blackwater. This video is based on the books, but I need to emphasize that you can see some different details like flags etc etc. I'll upload the second part in a week maybe! Thank you for your support and suggestions.

For those who wants to support me on Patreon; http://patreon.com/NedimCanIncebay ( I really don't want to make anyone feel obligated to give me anything, but It'll greatly improve the quality of the graphics)

Thank you for let me to use your excellent ''ambiance''. Check his channel for more sound;

Seven Kingdoms Total War
Aztec Graphics
Attila Flora Hd
Reworked Animations
Gemfx (For Graphic)

Cinematic Trailer Music; Raid
The Victory of War Cinematic Music
Medieval 2 Total War OST Octli
Epic Music Drums and Percussion
Kevin Kerr; Lacrimosa Epic Hybrid Drama
Total War Attila; Roman Battle Theme
Epic Emotional Soundtrack #6
Rome Total War Lost Souls

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