Cutting off Army Group North in the Courland Pocket 1944 WW2 History Documentary BATTLESTORM Part 6

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Army Group North was withdrawing towards Courland and East Prussia in 1944, when the Soviet 1st Batlic Front and 3rd Belorussian Fronts launched their Memel Offensive. Erhard Raus' Third Panzer Army was crushed, and the Red Army reached the Baltic Sea on both sides of Memel. This trapped Army Group North in Latvia. But who's fault was this? The German souces paint the picture that the 'madman' was to blame, while others tell a different story. Let's find out.

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History isn’t as boring as some people think, and my goal is to get people talking about it. I also want to dispel the myths and distortions that ruin our perception of the past by asking a simple question - “But is this really the case?”. I have a 2:1 Degree in History and a passion for early 20th Century conflicts (mainly WW2). I’m therefore approaching this like I would an academic essay. Lots of sources, quotes, references and so on. Only the truth will do.

This video is discussing events or concepts that are academic, educational and historical in nature. This video is for informational purposes and was created so we may better understand the past and learn from the mistakes others have made.

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