Destiny 2 - 3-person Fireteam Menagerie Final Trial Boss Fight

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Thinking that matchmaking worked as advertised in Menagerie, my two clanmates and I decided it was time to jump in for our first time. We quickly learn matchmaking failed as we entered (it said 6 of 6 when we were in orbit but we lost 3 in the drop) and we are a 3-person Fireteam for this. With zero guidance, we attack the raid. We lit the 6 fires to start us off, but failed to complete any of the timed challenge events along the way (we didnt even understand a couple of them). We were finally thrust into our final trial (end-raid boss fight). Realizing there was no timer, we buckled down and took on the giant minotaur boss. We had no clue what to do, what to expect, or that we could even win. We fought hard, got beat down severely, and finally learned the mechanics. 50 minutes from the time we activated the battle, the chest was opened. The total Menagerie run took us over 2 hours, but included exploring and getting lost, and an internet DC. Cant wait to go in with 6 people!!!

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