Destiny 2 News - HUGE Exotic Weapon Nerf & Exotic Armor Nerf (Destiny 2 This Week at Bungie May 16)

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Destiny 2 HUGE Exotic Weapon Nerf & Exotic Armor Nerf and the Destiny 2 This Week at Bungie May 16. On this video, I talk about the Destiny 2 Joker's Wild news and updates that came on May 16 with the official release of the Destiny 2 Joker's Wild TWAB. Here is more info about the upcoming miscellaneous changes:

Whisper of the Worm
Whisper of the Worm was already adjusted in Season of the Drifter, but an Exotic that can generate an infinite amount of Heavy ammo is still a gigantic outlier and renders many weapons irrelevant for certain encounters. While Exotics are intended to be powerful and novel, bypassing the ammo economy can tend to force us to adjust enemies to compensate. This effectively results in Sniper Rifles as a whole being punished because of Whisper’s unique ammo ability. As a result, we’re removing the ammo generation ability so that we can increase the effectiveness of all other Snipers that don’t have an endless ammo supply.
White Nail pulls ammo from reserves rather than creating it
Reserve ammunition increased to 18 (without ammo reserve perks)

Sleeper Simulant
The reduction of bounced shot damage for Sleeper Simulant is already present on several important enemies. We are now making this reduction part of the weapon. The difference in damage is too large between a single precision shot of Sleeper Simulant and an angled shot that pierces the target and then also hits the target again with the bounced projectiles. Much like Whisper, we’ve had to adjust enemies around that potential. By making these changes a permanent part of the weapon, we can get it into a more balanced position.
Reduced ricochet/bounce damage on boss combatants
Modified precision behavior—total damage is unchanged, but non-precision shots are significantly more forgiving

Lord of Wolves
Lord of Wolves received a massive increase in damage with the full benefits of the Shotgun changes in Season of the Drifter. This made it a lot more popular, but we got a significant amount of feedback that Release the Wolves activating on every kill made it difficult to control the weapon’s ammo consumption. As a result, we’re allowing you to swap between the two states to control the output, while also reducing its output slightly.

PvE damage reduced by 20%
Release the Wolves perk has been reworked:
No longer triggers automatically on kill
This effect is now triggered by holding reload, similar to “The Fundamentals” on Hard Light and Borealis
PvE damage and range bonuses on this effect has been removed and replaced with a universal damage bonus instead

Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades is pretty hot in the Crucible, and has been since its inclusion in Destiny 2: Forsaken. The number of perks on the weapon, combined with the semi-permanent effect of Memento Mori gives the weapon too many advantages compared to other weapons. Now that Memento Mori ends when you stow the weapon, you’ll need to make a decision on whether or not you’ll keep the weapon drawn to retain the bonus.
Memento Mori now ends if the weapon is stowed
The PvP damage bonus of Memento Mori was slightly reduced to prevent two-tapping Guardians while Vengeance (One-Eyed Mask) was active
Specifically, you need four resilience to survive this
Memento Mori is active for six shots again (up from five)

If you have a question on my Destiny 2 HUGE Exotic Weapon Nerf & Exotic Armor Nerf and the Destiny 2 This Week at Bungie May 16, leave a comment below.

TWAB: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47823

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