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00:01:16 1 Early life and sumo background
00:01:49 2 Early career
00:03:25 3 iYokozuna/i career
00:03:54 3.1 2003
00:04:30 3.2 2004
00:05:57 3.3 2005
00:07:02 3.4 2006
00:08:13 3.5 2007
00:09:23 3.6 2008
00:10:55 3.7 2009
00:13:15 3.8 2010
00:13:41 4 History
00:13:49 4.1 Match-fixing speculation and lawsuits
00:15:21 4.2 Suspension
00:17:29 4.3 Assault allegations and subsequent retirement
00:22:07 4.4 Other events
00:23:43 5 Post-sumo career
00:24:57 6 Fighting style
00:26:48 7 Family
00:27:40 8 Career record
00:27:49 9 See also

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Asashōryū Akinori (朝青龍 明徳, born 27 September 1980, as Dolgorsürengiin Dagvadorj, Mongolian Cyrillic: Долгорсүрэнгийн Дагвадорж) is a Mongolian former sumo wrestler (rikishi). He was the 68th yokozuna in the history of the sport in Japan and became the first Mongolian to reach sumo's highest rank in January 2003. He was one of the most successful yokozuna ever. In 2005, he became the first wrestler to win all six official tournaments (honbasho) in a single year. Over his entire career, he won 25 top division tournament championships, placing him fourth on the all-time list.
From 2004 until 2007, Asashōryū was sumo's sole yokozuna, and was criticized at times by the media and the Japan Sumo Association for not upholding the standards of behaviour expected of a holder of such a prestigious rank. He became the first yokozuna in history to be suspended from competition in August 2007 when he participated in a charity football match in his home country despite having withdrawn from a regional sumo tour claiming injury. After a career filled with a multitude of other controversies, both on and off the dohyō, his career was cut short when he retired from sumo in February 2010 after allegations that he assaulted a man outside a Tokyo nightclub.

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