Hollow Knight - "Gods of the Nest" (Emotion: Triumph)

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Composed by Christopher Larkin
Arranged by Sam D'Amore
Conducted by A. Posipanko

Our concert titled "What Makes Us Human" features pieces that explore some of the major emotions and feelings that we as humans experience throughout our lifetime.

“O Gods of Hallownest, show Us your might! We shall attune Ourselves to thee and ascend ever higher!”

The kingdom of Hallownest is a decrepit one, one where the king has disappeared and the kingdom has fallen into ruin. This aftermath has lured many bugs to the fallen kingdom, each for their own reasons and desires.

The Godseeker is one such bug, brought to Hallownest by following the Pale King’s lingering power. After the loss of her gods, she traveled to seek out new ones. Through the process of attunement, the powerful beings of Hallownest become gods in the realm of Godhome, a unique dream world of the Godseeker’s own creation. As a collection of Hallownest’s most powerful “gods,” Godhome is the final challenge for the player character, the Knight. Godhome acts as Hollow Knight’s boss rush mode, with five different pantheons of bosses to fight. Most of these “gods” pull from the other bosses you fight throughout the game, with each pantheon ending with a new boss. In total, the Godhome adds three entirely new bosses and four more powerful variations on previous fights. Three of these variations are highlighted in Gods of the Nest. The Sisters of Battle, a powered-up version of the Mantis Lords, the Pure Vessel, a powered-up version of the Hollow Knight, and Absolute Radiance, a more powerful Radiance.

The Sisters of Battle received an intense new battle theme, which is how the medley starts off. It slows down and transitions into part of Sealed Vessel, the somber theme of the pre-Godhome fight with the Hollow Knight. Finally, it builds back up into the final challenge of the game, the fight with (Absolute) Radiance. Just as this theme is the last one a player will hear before the credits, so too will it be the finale of the piece.
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The 8-Bit Orchestra was inspired by the University of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra, the first collegiate ensemble dedicated to performing video game music.

8-Bit pieces are arranged by students, conducted by students, and performed by students of the University of Delaware. The group organizes concerts twice a year: at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Starting with a group of around 40, now reaching nearly 60 members from a wide variety of majors, the 8-Bit Orchestra is continuing to grow. Today, we are the largest instrumental music RSO on campus, and have been invited to perform at off-campus events like Minefaire, the Minecraft fan convention.

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