Let's Perfect Dynasty Warriors 4 (XL) Part 360: Unlocking Guan Yu's Level 10 Weapon in XL

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We continue on as we unlock a level 10 weapon in Legend Mode.

Here's what is required in order to unlock Level 10 Weapons in Xtreme Legends.

1) You need to make sure your character's weapon is at level 9.
2) The difficulty setting must be set to Hard.
3) All Level 10 Weapons will be unlocked in Legend Mode under the character's respective Legend stage.

I will be getting these weapons in order if you were looking at the Weapons list in the Encyclopedia.

Blue Moon Dragon:
Weapon Attack: +57

Stage: Defense of Xu

Requirements: Get 150 KOs before Guan Yu orders the carriage to move. Keep in mind that you need to see the weapon pop up before the text saying Guan Yu is ordering the Carriage to move.

Recommendations: This is straight forward however can be proven difficult at the same time. Get a lot of KOs quickly and effectively. Your only hurdle is the restrictions. You can't equip any items. If you see any battle axes use that time to sweep as many troops as you can. Another trick is to leave those gates opened as long as you can. Those troops will storm right in and it will make it easier to achieve your task at hand. Once you get the 150 KOs and if its done before Guan Yu orders the carriage to start moving the weapon is yours.

NOTE: When you go for these weapons in Legend Mode make sure you do NOT combine both Dynasty Warriors 4 and Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme Legends. If you do this you won't be able to retrieve the weapon. At that point you will only be to get it the way it was meant to be unlocked in Dynasty Warriors 4. Also note that I'm showing this off for information and this is in my opinion an alternate way in getting the Level 10 weapons if you only own Xtreme Legends. If you own Dynasty Warriors 4 then just try to get the Level 10 weapons there. If you find the requirements easier in Xtreme Legends then by all means go for it.

How to unlock the weapon in Dynasty Warriors 4.

Stage: The Battle of Fan Castle (Shu Forces)

Musou Mode Required: No

Requirements: After Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren convinces every single soldier to defect to Wu, defeat Lu Meng, Lu Xun and Zhou Tai in no particular order.

Recommendations: I would suggest defeating every Wei officer except for Xu Huang and Cao Ren while Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren convinces your troops to defect to Wu. Once you get see Guan Yu's dialogue then go for Lu Meng, Zhou Tai and Lu Xun.

Next Task: Unlocking Zhang Fei's Level 10 Weapon.

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