Pisces/Weekly May 8-15 2019 Fight the good Fight; BUT keep a cool Head!!!

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Welcome Pisces to your weekly message for May 8-15 2019. Enjoy your blessings and may your guides and angels surround you with love and light.

Fight the good fight while keeping a cool head!

Beautiful Souls~I am so excited to offer my first class on the interpretation of the playing cards~ If you are a novice at readings, or you are a professional reader who would like to incorporate them into your work; these classes are for you equally. Each video is $25.00 (5 in total) and will be sent out every Monday at 9 am. For those who would like to get certified, you will be completing a relationship reading after the fifth class. It will then be sent to me via youtube video for your final project and certification. Please email me at angelslighttarot@gmail.com for more info..

Please find your rising and moon signs at the links below.
Where to find your rising sign https://cafeastrology.com/ascendantca...
Where to find your moon sign

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Disclaimer: This reading is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as/or in place of professional counsel. Angels Light Tarot is not accountable or responsible for any outcomes of situations discussed during readings or for decisions made by viewers of either my free or purchased video readings. You must be 18 years or older to view this reading or to purchase one.

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