Really Difficult Sega CD Games - Part 1

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We have covered some Sega Genesis games that gave me a lot of trouble when I was kid, and now it's time to look at some Sega CD titles that did the same. Some of these are damn good games, while others aren't so much. We'll be looking at 7 games total:

Batman Returns
Road Avenger
Out of this World
Final Fight CD
Dragon's Lair
Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Episode Notes:

1. Kega used in this episode again due to me moving to a new house.

2. I've never seen the ending to Dragon's Lair without cheating.

3. Dracula also came in a double pack for the Sega CD that included the game Frankenstein, another infuriating game.

4. The Sega CD version of Final Fight has the best soundtrack to that game ever. No joke, it's awesome.

5. Batman Returns music is exceptional as well.

6. Road Avenger is one of the few FMV games that actually had intuitive gameplay. What happened onscreen often naturally corresponded with what you expected to do on the controller.

7. Cliffhanger is a game you have to play to really understand how infuriating it is. The gameplay here simply does that no justice.

8. Recommend some Sega CD games for future episodes!

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