Snowy Forest Solo Triumph - No Farm, Phaser, Mortar or Zed |Tower Battles [Roblox] | 2019/03/03

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Updated No Farm & No Zed Solo Survival strategy for Snowy Forest with the nerfed Aviator that involves the same strategy I used in Cyber Quarters.
Let me know if you have questions in the comments.
****This is not an easy challenge for beginners to do. ****

Outdated, old attempt on the same map before the Aviator nerf:

Same loadout on Cyber Quarters:
●First, you place 3 Aviators in the exact spots shown in the video, and upgrade one to spyplane.

●Then, you get a fourth Aviator to lower the health of one of the two boss1s which spawn at wave 11 so that it doesn't kill you.

●DO NOT get a fith aviator and simply save up money until you can place a Railgun, then upgrade the Railgun to level 3.
Upgrade all or most of your Aviators to level 4.

●Get a level 4 Railgunner by wave 24 and place 2 more Railguns, along with a Commander and DJ to increase the firerate.

●Upgrade your DJ to level 4 before wave 28 then save up money for a max Railgun at wave 30.

●Put 1 Flamethrower in the first corner from where the zombies spawn and gradually max it.

●Continue to add more Railguns and place as many railguns as you can on the trees (refer to the video if you want to know how to fit 11 Railguns onto the tree tops).

●Sell all your Aviators for Railguns by wave 34-35 and place Railguns until there is no more space.

●**Then, place 2 commanders in total, and spam Call to Arms(CTA).**
The purpose of a second commander is to maintain the 40% firerate when you sell the other commander for the Call to Arms ability. Activate CTA, then sell commander the moment 70% firerate drops back to 40% and place the commander to repeat the CTA spam again.
Make sure the Railguns are maintained at a near-constant 70% firerate.

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