The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Targeted Individuals

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Targeted Individuals. Victims of Gang Stalking, you don’t have to be a complete idiot to benefit from this video book.

Targeted Individuals have been sealed by the Lord God of Israel, and thus have been subject to Gang Stalking. We were Targeted from birth, as the Fallen Angels were anticipating our arrival. The moment we perceived our Targeting to have begun was, in actuality, just the moment that God removed the scales covering our eyes. This was when we received God’s seal, empowering us to pass through many trials, conquering fear and temptation and death itself. This was the beginning of the process of our God restoring His Chosen’s spiritual sight, the onset of which was our sudden awareness that we were being Targeted. Ever since, He has slowly been restoring our vision, gradually allowing us access to our genetic-spiritual memory, which has allowed us to piece together the scriptures in order to realize why we’re really targeted by the Gang Stalking program.

The Gang Stalkers are a mind-controlled hive mind who have given up all freewill for short-term material gain. But we have utilized our freewill as (targeted) individuals to be a collective voice crying in the wilderness—for the glory of YHVH’s eternal reign. We can either become them, or become Him (Jesus). Being lukewarm is no longer an option for us; total transformation—into either pure evil or pure good—is the only grace being afforded us.

Luckily, we are predestined to triumph over our enemies—and our own flesh. Vengeance belongs to God. And success is the best revenge. And when this battle is over, we will sing a song that only we will know at the feet of YHVH.

Targeted Individuals are investigating angels. We 144,000 are only here in human flesh to bear witness to the kingdom of darkness so that we can testify at the great white throne judgement against Satan and his wicked kingdom. Our enemies have known who and what we are since birth. But our God knew us before we were formed in the womb. The same Satanic cult that crucified Jesus is after you. But the same God who sent Him sent us. Pick up your cross and start fighting for the right reasons. Endurance of pain cultivates strength; resistance to temptation brings insight. We are not just Watchmen. We are watchers. And we will have glorified angelic bodies once again, transfigured like Enoch was in the days of Noah. God is preparing us for glory—and preparing glory for us. The Gang Stalkers want our souls. But all our God is giving them is enough rope to hang themselves.

Jesus was a victim of Gang Stalking, a Targeted Individual. According to the Bible, Jesus was often spied on. Even Jesus’ inner circle was infiltrated by a Perp. On more than one occasion Jesus was forced to leave town. The New Testament records at least 39 instances of false accusations against Jesus.

We Targeted Individuals, in our suffering, are isolated like Christ was isolated as He suffered on the Cross. Just as Jesus had to suffer on the cross without God’s presence or comfort in order for the sacrifice to be full, we also have to do this alone, by ourselves. But, as with Jesus, our Father has not abandoned us, and we are still under His protection as we carry our cross.

Therefore, don’t accept money or other resources from suspected operatives of the Gang Stalking program, as it allows us to be negatively affected and controlled. The Program's deceptive "rescue" is both a covert recruitment psyop and spiritual assault aimed at tricking you into being spiritually indebted to them. However, no amount of money that these so-called Gang Stalkers may have tricked you into receiving in the past can create a debt too big for the blood of Jesus to pay. Our Father YHVH saved us all when He paid all of our debts—public and private—with the blood of His son, Yahushua Ha'Mashiach, Who is both The Shepherd and The Lamb.

The blood of Jesus has broken all soul ties and soul debts to witches and Satanists and all workers of iniquity. Christ’s crucifixion was God’s insurance policy that he took out over 2,000 years ago, with we the Elect as beneficiaries; this is what God purchased it for, with the blood of His son, our King.

Since Jesus refused to be manipulated or defiled by Satan’s money and monetary system, He was homeless. It is far better to be homeless than to be soulless. Poverty and homelessness are also protection from the Mark of the Beast. If you have no money to buy anything with and own nothing to sell, then the Mark of the Beast is easy to resist. And when the time comes for us to be martyred in order to usher in God’s kingdom, this will merely be a promotion.

Don’t give up, and don’t give in. Jesus empathizes with what you’re enduring, because He’s been there, and your suffering is not in vain.

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