"These Guys Are Gonna HURT YOU!" Jalen Green & Prolific Battle MEAN NYC Team! Jalen PRANKS Teammate!

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Cop that BODYARMOR ►►
Prolific Prep Episode 4 ►►
Prolific Prep Episode 3 ►►

Episode 5 REALLY gets wild!

Jalen Green and Prolific head to Kentucky for a big tournament, but before they play, they roll to a friend of the program's house for Thanksgiving dinner! How do you feed so many 7 footers!?

After that, the team prepares for a massive game against OSL, a powerhouse team from New York City. These guys are tough as sh*t! Posh Alexander is one of the best guards in the country, and even though he's 5'10", he'll dunk all over ANYONE. I don't care how many top players Prolific has, this about to be a California vs. New York BATTLE.

After the game (I'm not telling you who ), the team is beat up, and they all need treatment. But it's also time for a Jalen Green prank. He got JOKES! Watch that ep ASAP!

Would y'all want to play for Prolific? Let us know in the comments!

Shoutout to Makiko for the dope pic of Posh in the cover, follow her here:

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