Total Tank Simulator Sandbox Gameplay: 2nd Battle Of El-Alamein

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Welcome back to total tank simulator, or tts, or even total tank sim as it's quickly becoming known! This new steam game has taken off as it's basically a tank simulator version of world of tanks except its totally accurate battle I'm loving this game and today I'm excited to show you another custom sandbox gameplay. Today's sandbox gameplay scenario is recreating the real historical second battle of el-alamein during the north africa campaign in world war II.

To effectively recreate the 2nd battle of el alamein from ww2 in total tank simulator, I have chosen to do a 2v2 in the sandbox game mode. I'm using two german teams against a british and usa team. I know the US was not there, but I have chosen this team so that I have access to many of the american tanks and other vehicles that were used in this battle. Total tank simulator has quite a lot of tanks to choose from, although the m3 lee/m3 grant and the Pz IV are unfortunately not yet available in the total tank simulator sandbox mode. Although for this sandbox scenario gameplay I have used a whole bunch of Pz III's, as well as M4 Sherman's, M3 Stuart's, Churchill's, Matilda's and finally the paper thin Crusaders to recreate the battle. I chucked in a few tiger tanks for good measure and then ended up going totally hog wild and added in a whole bunch more tanks!

If you are enjoy this totally tank simulator scenario gameplay series then SUBSCRIBE for more and if you want to see a custom battle, where it real or not, COMMENT down below and LIKE and I will get round to it!


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