Total Tank Simulator Sandbox Gameplay: Fury Tiger Battle

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This is another total tank simulator gameplay video where I am once again jumping in to a custom sandbox scenario. This episode we're taking a look at the brilliant fury tank movie with brad pitt, specifically the tank battle where 4 Shermans come up against a tiger tank and fight it out in a field. We will be using total tank simulator to simulate this tank battle and see if the game comes out with the same result. To do this, I'm using the tts sandbox mode, USA vs Germany, selecting the appropriate vehicles and pretty start battle to see what the simulation thinks!

To make this sandbox simulation tank battle realistic, I have picked a map that replicates the correct environment and have teamed up 2 M4 Shermans with a Jumbo Sherman (the E8/ Easy Eight Sherman was not available) and have pinned them against a Pz VI Tiger jump in with me and see what total tank simulator thinks of Fury's tank battle! Then once we're done with that, we're stepping it up. I take the Fury tank battle, and multiple it up so there are more tigers and more shermans, let the chaos begin!

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