Victory and Defeat Often Go Hand-in-Hand! | Total War: Three Kingdoms - Kong Rong #26

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As the Mercantile Master pushes across the Yu River, the host lead by Ba Lian continues to retake territory once lost in the Central Plains; nearby, Shen Zong leads his forces west towards the lost city of Nanyang. To the south, both tragedy and triumph have struck! In the southern islands of Yizhou, Geng Ji leads Sima Yi and Taishi Ci to victory against forces larger than twice their size. With the destruction of these two armies, the Kingdom of Qi is free to capture the Yizhou Island; however in the Southlands, the forces of QI do not fare as well. Sima Fu leads his army in a hasty and unnecessarily aggressive deployment against the forces of Wu. While his host escapes destruction, Yuan Anyang -- the wife of Sima Fu's brother -- falls on the frontlines. Our faction heir is struck with grief, and the reclusive genius may retreat even farther into his shell.

Another legendary Warlord capitulates to the might of Qi!

Campaign & Battle Difficulty: Very Hard in Romance mode

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