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original release date: January 8th, 2014

Sváfnir - War-drums
Bergrisar - Guitars, Ripper-Bass
Nokturn - Guitars, Vokillz

1. Bloodsoaked Runes 02:50 instrumental
2. Altar of Pagan Pride 05:45 Hide lyrics
Tonight we ride
For the altar of pagan pride
In moonlit darkness
Through blackened skies
Into the night with sword held high
Blood for the ancients
In eternal sacrifice

For the distant journey
Will be my last
Under a blood-red moon
The altar awaits

This the last night
Gathered in glory
Drinking and feasting with women
We celebrate the end

Morning-rise I die
The sun reflects the blade
Sacrificial blood
Spilt upon pagan soil
3. Berserkergang 06:28 Hide lyrics
The cries of the ancients due fall
From the grip of death's eyes
Growing in battle fueled anger
Hear the thousands scream and die

Blood stained shields
Endless battle death
Gripping swords of pure hatred
Soulless breed

Ancient race
Killing followers of a false god
Dooming them to this tormenting darkness

Through the northern night
Wind will carry strong
On the blood spilt fields
Battle anger feeds
Piercing christian flesh
Endless suffering in death

Conquering all of the weak
With the power of the ancient ones
Through the northern night
Wind will carry strong
On the blood spilt fields
Battle anger feeds

Piercing christian flesh
Endless suffering in death
Grind your teeth
Endless battle death
4. Strength of the Ancestral Call 04:44 Hide lyrics
Old spirits
Follow me
Through the mysterious forest
Guide me with ancient wisdom

Bone-crushing strength
Vanquishing all
This land is ours
Strength of the ancestral call

Many enemies
Awaiting death
By steel as cold as ice
Falling on bloodstained snow

And if I die
May we unite
To vanquish
Once again

Old spirits
Carried by the wind
Wandering the woods
Join me!
Join me!

Feel my strike
Taking your life
Skull crushing power
Strength of the ancestral call
5. Cries of Winter Winds 10:08 Hide lyrics
Many days and nights
Of traveling
through the snow
Mountainous peaks
Surrounding all I see
Whirlwinds of ice
Tear at my face

Shrouded by the trees
A lake in the woods
Where creatures stir
In the night

Abandoned cabin
Mountain misery
Swaying cedars

Pathway by a frozen river
Draws me in
Stones of white
And veins of gold
Crystal of cold

Howling at the moon
Gathering of the wolves
In the wild

Temple of nature
Total desolation

The warmth of a fire
In the land of pines
6. Pagan Hatred 04:30 Hide lyrics
You putrid souls
Faith rotting your mind
Cry for your god
In darkness you'll die

Slaves of the cruciform
You are weak
Hide in your house of god
Fearing pagan hatred

Infiltrate the church
Release the beasts
Crushing jaws around your throat
Barely a feast

The pew is now your grave
Dead are your beliefs

Still the beasts are hungry
Gnawing on your bones
Onward we ride
Where more will die

Our warpath moves forcefully
Like a storm of extinction
Pure chaos reigns
Taking back what's true
7. Fire in the Fog 07:34 Hide lyrics
As the flames rise
I see visions through the fog
On a wintry night so cold
A fire burns like the gates of eternity

They run to the woods
Waiting are the wolves
None will escape our wrath
Hunting and burning
Screaming echoes in the night
Fading into silence never heard again

Their god is weak
As are they
The false will be rid by the flames
Forgotten in the ashes of what once was their home
8. Rites of Victory 10:08 Hide lyrics
Gathering to the altar
To hail those of us who have died
Upon the magic runes
The earth shakes as the sound of vicious chants
Are heard across the land

Barbarous warriors
With a hunger for meat
We feast

Still a battle rage
We hold our horns high
To the triumph of victory

Ravens will fly
Upon this night
Odin arrives to carry the dead
Worthy warriors for a noble cause

While our enemies
Rot beneath the soil
We gather here with great pride

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