World's First - SOLO 1 Phase FINAL Menagerie Boss Kill (Hasapiko, Beloved By Calus)

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Run starts at 0:00 - 1:50
1:50 till the end: Describing the breakdown of all the raid mod buffs happening + Subclass and weapons)

A video showing the world's first solo one phase final menagerie boss killed this week named Hasapiko, beloved by calus on normal difficulty. (The Vex wall guy)

All the build ,raid modifiers,other modifiers and loadout is specified in the video so I wont be breaking it all here too much.

Overall startegy:
Firstly to have enough heavy ammo stacked on the floor between left and right of the stairs at the back of the room, which giving hand was used to utilize this.
This would enable me to fill back up on heavy while i avoid the walls. The well of radiance was placed very specifically for DPS the most efficent place i found. Also before DPS phase i would get all adds down and make sure there was a break from adds spawn. All harpies would be preped and be one shot so that they could be killed quickly. One vex harpy would get killed with my power weapon for power overwhelming buff and the other harpy for striking hand.
Once DPS occurs I spammed ONLY heavy since this is the most damage output. Once the boss gets below a third he will spawn bigger walls. My back up empowering rift was used for this to finish the boss off. To note the max sorta time I had was 40 seconds to kill the boss in one phase solo once his shield was down. That was the challenge to solo one phase not to do this in multiple phases.

Interestingly enough soloing this boss would get you the 'divided we conquor' triumph which requies only one person to take the boss's shield down.

Enjoy :)


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